Dolly Mug

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  • Dolly Mug
  • Dolly Mug
  • Dolly Mug
  • Dolly Mug
  • Dolly Mug

Personalised Dolly 10oz mug with design printed on both front and reverse.

For Bridal design choices see our Bridal section.

Choose your doll from the above choices (in pics) leave a note/message to seller at checkout with
Name or wording
Skin tone,
Hair colour and Style
Eye colour
And clothing
Hair colours consist of:
Platinum/White, Pink, Grey, Blonde,
Red, Light Brown, Ginger,
Black, Strawberry Blonde, Brown, Dirty Blonde.
Skin Colours consist of: Olive, Fair, Dark, Nude.

And any accessories from the following list,
✨Shopping bags
✨Wine glass
✨Warm drink

For children’s designs see Children’s Dolly Mug

Please note once purchased no amendments can be made.
These are made and dispatched within 10 working days.


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