Bag Painting Party Pack

£50.00 - £75.00
  • Bag Painting Party Pack
  • Bag Painting Party Pack


Our bag painting party packs, start at a minimum of 4 children and are £50 then it’s an additional £5 each extra child.
The Painting Party Packs contain:
•A medium jute bag for each child.
•Hand drawn design and name which will have been chosen before hand.
•A fabric bow stuck on the bag.
•Paint mixing tray (2 for more than 4 children)
•Paper cups for water
•Felt tips pens
•Instruction leaflet with picture prompts
•Personalised colouring in pages for each child.
•Little gems.

When ordering we would require names of children hair lengths/styles and which clothing design they would like pre-drawn on their bag.
When you receive the party painting packs you will also receive an instruction leaflet for each child with a print out of how the figure would typically look, a basic step by step on how to paint them and mixing of colours. This is a way of exploring your child’s creativity so they can paint them however they would like and be as creative as they can be.
The colouring pages are there for the children to do their own dolly designs.
Our bags, parties and dolls are under copyright so cannot be reproduced or replicated.
When purchasing you are agreeing to abide by our copyright.
This is to be held under the supervision of parent or responsible adult, Dolly’s takes no responsibility if any damage occurs (I.e spilt paint on carpets etc).


  • 4 child party
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  • Additional 1 child
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  • Additional 2 children
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  • Additional 3 children
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  • Additional 4 children
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  • Additional 5 children
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